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AdWordsTeam needs to be part of your digital marketing team.

While we all expect vendors to have deep functional knowledge, after working with them it’s obvious that Search is in his blood. The guy is a powerhouse of skill and knowledge.

But more importantly, he is able to take that knowledge and help organizations take tangible steps to meet business goals. He is easy to understand, approachable, and his “teach a person to fish” approach was exactly the kind of skill development we were looking for.

They are a class act all around and you won’t be disappointed.

John T

I have had the chance to work with a few PPC specialists over the past few years. Honestly, I had almost completely given up on AdWords experts. That was until I met Alex.

Anyone can paint you a picture of how PPC works in broad strokes. Alex goes far beyond that. He links the essential, technical, and sometimes tedious aspects of the job to the big picture. He helps you understand how effective PPC will be in the context of your specific industry.

He is astoundingly thorough – every email, every project is backed up with hours of research and reading. He explains to you exactly what he is doing, his rationale behind it, and gives you an honest appraisal of its effectiveness. I never felt left in the dark while he was working with us.

Beyond his AdWords capabilities (which are unmatched in my opinion), Alex is just a really great guy. Easy to work with, open, passionate and quick to laugh. He brought great energy and enthusiasm to his work and was kind and Save & Exit courteous at every step.

At this point, I can’t imagine working with anyone else in AdWords. Even now, months after our project wrapped up, Alex is still willing and happy to help us. His emails and his advice is still incredibly thorough. Great man, great mind, and a truly wonderful working experience.

Reza G.

Firm Manager, CTL Law

It has been a pleasure working with Alex as our company has undergone a period of rapid expansion. We have gone from having virtually no marketing to undertaking a major project and growth phase and Alex’s assistance with our web site and Adwords has been a true blessing.

He quickly launched himself into a field of medicine with which he was not familiar and insisted on understanding as much as he could about our area of expertise before even starting the original project. His background work and patience with a novice in this area clearly led to a program with which our group has been thrilled.

Fortunately for us, his patience is limitless and he will describe as much or as little of the process as we wish to know, while at all times remaining sensitive to our goals and needs.

We certainly would recommend Alex for PPC work without hesitation. We are thankful that he has been able to assist us during this instrumental time in our company’s development.

Mossen M.

President, Apex Automation

Alex is one of the most thorough, patient, intelligent, and ethical professionals I know. And to have that from an AdWords expert is very difficult to find.

He worked with us to ensure the changes we made to our website (including design and functional elements) not only resulted in an increase in visitors, but an increase in the quality of visitors and higher conversion of those visitors.

He took the time to get to know us, our industry, and our target audience. The more of his recommendations we implement the better our website performs.

Since starting work with Alex we have seen, and continue to see, a very significant increase in visits, leads, and quality of leads from Google AdWords.

Melika A.

Owner, Amazing Grades Education Services

I take great pleasure in being able to provide insights into working with Alex. As the Director of Marketing for a large medical practice we needed to embark on a major PPC project on our website. We could not have made a better choice than to contract with Alex.

He has proven to be incredibly knowledgeable, articulate and patient. A consummate professional and extremely easy to work with. AdWords is a very complicated subject matter and it takes someone who is a true expert in their field to not only understand it but to teach it. I now refer to the knowledge he imparted as my “getting a PhD in Google AdWords”.

His analysis has become the springboard for our marketing campaign going into 2013 and beyond. I highly recommend Alex. It was one of the best investments we have ever made.

Ebi L.

Regional Manager, Rexall

Alex is a pleasure to work with, he is thorough and responsive throughout the entire process from quote to project completion. He always delivers the message according to the audience he’s engaging with, whether that be a Director of IT or a line of business manager.

Very approachable — Alex takes the time to respond to your questions, no matter how simple. He has a clear and advanced understanding of PPC practices and concepts which he delivers through a high-level of personalized services.

I hope to work with Alex and his team again in the future, and would recommend him to anyone needing an AdWords consultant.

Siavash Mahdavi

Associate Director & Marketing, Canaplast

I hired Alex to review my website and provide expert recommendations in AdWords and online marketing. I have been thoroughly impressed with the breadth and depth of Alex’s work.

He not only provided great strategic advice and tactical approaches, he also did it in an informative manner with the aim of having us be as self sufficient as possible.

I couldn’t be happier with Alex’s services and highly recommend him to anyone looking to optimize their PPC and online marketing.

Parsoo A.

President and Co-Founder, Advance Mobile

We have been extremely pleased with the quality of Alex’s consultation work for our firm. Alex is adept in the full range of internet marketing concepts such as content, SEO, PPC, and sales of services, and brings a wealth of detailed knowledge about how to best engage with any specific area.

Recommendations are always clear and detailed, and provide clients with a variety of options that may fit their needs. He routinely goes the extra mile, delivering much more than we’d expect.

Above all, Alex has demonstrated himself to be highly responsive, professional, and genuinely interested in helping us to achieve our goals. We endorse his knowledge, capabilities, and commitment to client satisfaction with complete confidence.

Mojgan S.

Co-founder, Signland, Inc.



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