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Implementing a well-devised AdWords strategy can do wonders for most businesses. Our AdWords management approach provides you higher search engine position, more and better-targeted traffic, better leads and more conversions.

Since search marketing touches upon so many aspects of most businesses, we take a holistic approach to PPC and seek to gain an understanding of your overall business: your goals & challenges, target audience, business model, product & service strategy, and more.

All of this matters when it comes to highly targeted AdWords campaigns.


AdWords Process Overview

As your AdWords advisors, we thoroughly research and analyze your website for:

  • technical issues that prevent Google from displaying your website pages in their search results,
  • strategic gaps that are hurting your website’s ability to rank well, and…
  • usability issues that prevent your site from ‘converting’ as well as it could – meaning we’ll help to get more of your visitors to take the actions you desire once they arrive at your site e.g. buying your product/service, submitting a form, phoning you, etc.

We then provide a comprehensive, custom-tailored strategy that details exactly what changes you need to make to your website and online marketing to get better search engine ad position, more targeted traffic, and more conversions.


Build a Solid Foundation

We build a solid AdWords foundation based on fundamental strategies and best practices.


Don't Forget The Audience

We will identify and target your potential customers and segment them into groups based on their intention towards your business. This is what your audience wants, and it’s what Google wants and rewards.


Well-Documented, Comprehensive Analyses

All analyses are extremely thorough, and supported by clean, understandable, well-documented deliverables.


Custom-Tailored Solutions

The solutions provided are all completely customized to meet your business’s specific goals, needs and budget.


Unmatched Personal Service

You will receive personal service that we know you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.


Unwavering Honesty and Integrity

We will be 100% honest with you at all times and in every way.

If we don’t feel confident about the ROI that you can achieve from AdWords, we will tell you.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a budget of $2500 or $50,000. You’ll receive high quality service every time.


Exceptional Value and High ROI

If we work together, we will give you 100% of our effort – nothing less. we strive to give each and every client outstanding value that delivers meaningful and measurable ROI.

But it’s not all on us, it’s a joint effort. There’s no doubt that great working relationships have been a major factor in our clients’ AdWords successes to date.

That said, if we don’t feel highly confident that we can achieve worthwhile results together, then we won’t take on your project.


Obsessive Commitment to Client Satisfaction

As mentioned earlier, we are obsessive about the level of service that we provide to our clients, and their happiness means everything to us.


Below is a summary of the AdWords services that we most commonly provide to our clients. What’s not so apparent from the descriptions below is how these services relate to one another.

The specific services that we recommend for each prospective client are all tied together into a cohesive AdWords proposal that is tailored to each business’s goals, needs and budget.


What are your business’s goals & challenges? Who is your target audience and what are their interests? What is your business model / revenue model? What is your product & service strategy?

Discovery is the first step in the overall PPC process, and is all about getting to know your business.

In particular, it is a consultation with you to better understand and/or define your business strategy, which will form the foundation of your PPC strategy.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Keyword research & analysis is a fundamental part of online marketing. Your content may be compelling, but are you using the words your target audience is actually interested in and actively searching for?

Furthermore, you need to consider your competition. Which keywords can you realistically rank well for? Which ones don’t you have a chance at?

We provide an in-depth and actionable analysis that shows you exactly which terms to focus on (and which ones to avoid) for highly targeted, maximum potential traffic from the search engines.


Analytics tools such as Google Analytics provide a wealth of data about the traffic that your website receives. But the data itself provides only limited value.

The real value of analytics is derived from knowing how to interpret this data to gain meaningful insights into your visitors’ behavior that you can take action on.

The analytics reports and analysis we provide do exactly this.

On-Page Optimization

Appropriate use of keywords in your content and in your title tags / meta tags is a major factor in increasing AdWords Quality Score and your overall Ad Rank. This will allow you to show your ads to more potential customers at a lower cost.

Done right, on-page optimization results in content that is more relevant to both AdWords and to your target audience, multiplying your opportunities for increased visibility and higher quality traffic.


Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing means creating and sharing free, valuable content to attract and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Sounds great, but how do you get your content exposed to the right audience? How do you get your audience to like and trust you enough so that when they’re ready to buy, you (and not your competitors) are top of mind?

We can guide you on developing a content marketing strategy that will work for your business.

Usability & Conversion

Gaining visibility in the search engines – and getting searchers to click through to your website once it’s found in the search engine results pages – are the critical first two measures of any successful PPC initiative.

But it’s not enough. Once visitors arrive at your site from the search engines, are they taking the actions you desire – like opting in to your newsletter, requesting a product demo, or contacting you?

If your site isn’t converting visitors into qualified leads, then all the traffic in the world is meaningless.

We identify specific opportunities for usability improvement that can transform your conversion rates.

Competitor Analysis

Are your competitors outranking you in the search engines, generating more leads and making more sales?

Our competitive analysis will reveal the strategies of your top online competitors. You can then leverage this intelligence within your own strategy to better compete.

Learn what they’re doing differently, what’s working, and what’s not. Discover and fill any gaps in your own strategies and take advantage of the gaps in their strategies to gain market share.

Ongoing PPC Management

Our ongoing PPC services are designed to protect and continually improve your Google AdWords campaign(s) after the core PPC implementation.

We aim to increase the volume and quality of traffic you receive through continued optimization, effective use of emerging AdWords data and strategies, and appropriate adjustments based on any significant changes to Google’s algorithm and bid prices.

Flexible arrangements are available based on your needs and budget, including monthly retainer.


What is the price of your AdWords management services?
All pricing is customized based on each client’s particular goals, needs and budget. A typical project consists of a number of specified milestones (see Our Services above) to be provided within a specified time frame. Set up usually takes a few weeks and ongoing management is done weekly.
What size budgets do you typically work with?
We generally work with Ad Spends in the $20,000-$500,000 range (annually), with most projects running around $40,000-$70,000. These are the fees paid to Google AdWords.
Do you offer longer term retainer-based pricing?
Based on my availability and other factors, I may consider a limited number of 6-12 month retainer-based arrangements. Pricing would be customized based on each client’s particular needs and budget. Please contact me if you wish to discuss.
Local or Internation Markets
As your AdWords advisors we can help you build a local, national or international online presence with AdWords. We can provide further guidance once we discuss your business goals in the discovery stage.



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